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How to Wear Different Types of Cotton Harem Trousers

by Abhishek Khunteta | | | 0 Comments

Harem Trousers, a stylish and comfortable bottom outfit! It has made a comeback with its style and is popular and demanding all over the world. These pants come in traditional to modern styles that are at the forefront of the fashion world today. Harem pants are available in casual and bohemian looks and help make your outfit fashionable. These pants are versatile, so they can be worn for fashion, yoga, dance, and parties.

Did you know that harem pants originated from the mystical regions of Persia and were worn by Persian women? Now, it has become trendy all over the world and is used by both men and women. Harem trousers have taken over the artistic communities and vibrant streets of urban centers and are today a casual garment before us.

CraftJaipur Has A Variety Of Cotton Harem Pants Available, Which You Can Wear In Many Ways:

Harem Fisherman Baggy Pants –

Fisherman Baggy Pants are popular and in demand with their adjustable waistband and wide, wrap-around design. These Harems help in showcasing a unique silhouette along with comfortable attire. This is the most comfortable and best bottom wear during summer, which you can wear on any occasion, party, office, or function. It will enhance your look with a crop or long top, and complete it with sandals.

Classic Harem Pants –

As the name suggests, Classic Pants gives you a classic look when you wear it. It has narrow legs and a dropped crotch, which looks very comfortable and stylish. You can wear these pants with a crop top or blouse and a blazer. Remember to carry boots and jewelry to complete your look. These are very comfortable pants that are helpful in providing you with a comfort zone.

High-Waist Harem Pants –

Today, high-waist harem pants are in great demand, especially for girls like them. These help give you a modern twist and more focus on the waist. You can wear it with a tucked-in shirt and a cropped top. You can wear it with shiny sandals, which make your outfit more attractive.

Bohemian Harem Pants –

Bohemian style is very popular today; hence, bohemian harem pants are comfortable and fashionable. You can wear these pants as nightwear or on an outing or picnic, and they also give you the best look at a party. You can wear them with loose blouses and long tops; wearing boots with them can also be a good option.

Baggy Yoga Aladdin Trouser –

These trousers are made of a soft cotton fabric called Baggy Yoga Aladdin pants. This fabric is soft and durable so that it can be worn for a long time or daily. Wearing it while doing yoga, walking, dancing, and exercising can be the best option. These are very loose and comfortable pants and can be worn with slippers or bellies.


CraftJaipur is extensively involved in providing versatile cotton harem trousers. These eco-friendly pants are a very good combination of comfort and fashion, so using them can be very good for you. You can get these pants at affordable rates.

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