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What Are Some Common Uses For Hand-Block Print Umbrellas?

by Abhishek Khunteta | | | 0 Comments

Umbrellas are one such accessory that has not just one but many. Block prints are one such art which is very popular and looks very good. Nowadays, block printing is done for most products because it makes them very attractive. The umbrella is versatile; hence, it has many uses that can be beneficial for you. CraftJaipur is here to provide you with Hand Block Print Umbrellas, which are made from 100% cotton fabric and look very stylish. We have umbrellas available in many varieties and designs, so you will have many options.

Jaipuri umbrellas are not only functional but have many uses. Let's know about some of their common uses –

Décor and Display: Hand block prints are also made as umbrella decorative pieces and can be used for decorative pieces. Its vibrant colors and unique designs are best for home, event, and hotel decor. You can display them in any function or event and also use them for your business.

Fashion Accessory: Talking about fashion, block prints have always been in fashion, and umbrellas made from them are used as a fashion accessory. These can look very stylish in traditional, formal, and modern outfits.

Photography and Film: You must have seen Jaipuri print umbrella in many movies because it works as a prop. They can be used for photography shoots, films, and theatre. They are also used for wedding shoots.

Cultural and Festive Events: These umbrellas with cultural flavor are used during weddings, occasions, festivals, and events as their hand-block print reflects the cultural flavor. This helps in making your festivals and functions more special.

Conclusion –

Getting a Handmade Jaipuri Umbrella by CraftJaipur is a great option for you as we have umbrellas available in many vibrant colors, designs, and sizes. As you might have known, these have many uses and are also portable, durable, and eco-friendly. You can get these at affordable rates.

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