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Kaftan: The Fashion Which Never Goes Out Of Trend

by Abhishek Khunteta | | | 0 Comments

The kaftan which is so loose and comfy, never be an old fashion! Yes, a kaftan is the best pullover dress for women and never goes out of trend, we CraftJaipur have various collections of stunning kaftan dresses that you just must have. The most fashionable outfit you've ever seen is in our variety of cotton kaftan.

It is also known as kimono. They flow smoothly and have a relaxed fit that makes any woman look good in them. They aren't only for the beach, contrary to what some people think includes women. A kaftan isn't only for lounging at the beach; it has many other uses as well. Wearing a printed cotton kaftan is sure to make an impression no matter where you're going. All you have to do is style it correctly. Let us explore where and how you may wear one and look stunning all day long.

Here in this blog, we give you knowledge regarding kaftan. what is kaftan and what things you should keep in mind while buying a kaftan? So let's get started:-

What is Kaftan?

The first thing which comes to our mind when we hear the word kaftan is, that what is this thing and what is its use of it? Right! So here is your answer. Kaftan which is also known as caftan. This is a full ankle-length garment having full sleeves and it is basically of 2 types pullover and frontopen. This loose form of garment was once a long, buttoned-up robe largely worn by males in the Middle East. Kaftans used to be made of either silk or cotton and generally came with a ribbon or belt around the waist and elbow-length or longer sleeves. In ancient times kaftans were used as a symbol of the rich family and rich culture, only powerful people could wear kaftans, but nowadays one can wear these beautiful handmade cotton fabric kaftans for comfort and style.

Point To Keep In Mind While Buying A Kaftan

Below we mention some points that you should keep in mind while buying a kaftan, so let start


Style is one of the main factors for dressing a cloth. Kaftans are not only available in long maxi dresses but they are also available in different sizes. The handprint kaftans are one of the best choices in terms of style in your dressing the designs of a handprint Kaftan are so beautiful. You may get a boho kaftan set in lovely hues and bohemian designs in our Kaftan and kimono section so must check them.

Sometimes you come across fewer alternatives and harder to find what to wear then it is your cotton kaftan that may be the appropriate answer. So, if it is a party after a hard day at work and have less time to dress up use a kaftan as an overcoat and make your look the most trendy one among others. Use a block print cotton kaftan for a royal and stylish look.

Relaxing wear

There has been a fantastic relaxing choice of ladies throughout history and they are discovering kaftans as something which are fashionable and comfortable to wear at home as well as outdoors.

Even pregnant ladies Love to wear kaftan which makes them joyful from not being out of vogue owing to their pregnancy. The lengthy maxis are not the sole choice for them when they have a beautiful boho print kaftan in their closet.

Size and comfort

Cotton kimono may be worn in any season people prefer to wear it in the rainy season as well. Moreover, the key reason behind the kaftan being the top option for any lady is its size. The ladies who want to wear loose dresses then kaftan is the finest alternative for them to choose from any other dress kinds. Because kaftan is a baggy cum pullover outfit and gives comfort to any kind of woman. So it's not a huge problem whether you are slim or overweight simply select a gorgeous kaftan and let the world know the true you. And also be comfortable and confident at the same time.

Why And From Where To Buy A Hand Block Print Kaftan?

This gorgeous clothing has kept its beauty for ages and will be the most desired option for ladies in the future. Some ladies state that with block print kaftan though you may be at home it makes you feel like you are on vacation. By this, you can understand how calming this outfit is for a lady. It is a multipurpose dress appropriate for weddings, parties, workplaces, college activities, and all the other situations where you want to appear elegant without sacrificing your comfort.

Don’t you wish to have this outfit in your collections? If so, then don’t think much and check out some stunning kaftans that are at inexpensive costs on our website CraftJaipur. Have a wonderful go-to style with kaftans and be bold and attractive. You can also see some other accessories like a harem, sarong, pareo, and so many other accessories for women as well you can also see some interesting home decor items that are handmade printing and with different cultural designs.

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